All About Clean Co, LLC

Leonor Gonzalez, Owner

"Leonor and her team has become my regular cleaners. Leonor always does a great job. I won't settle for anyone else!  Leonor is a dynamo, she works very hard and is also very fast.  She's a non-smoker so she doesn't take smoke breaks etc. "

Sincerely, Rosa
"Leonor lived just down the street and driving by one day, noticed I was preparing to move.  She kindly offered her services.  I had used another service prior to the realtor's walk throughs with clients.  It was adequate but not exceptional.  Many areas were left untouched.  Leonor did a better job all around.  Improving the standard areas (floors, bathrooms, indoor windows) as well as the previously untouched areas e.g. top of cabinets, fan blades and behind the large appliances.  I'm sure everyone will be impressed by her energy and enthusiasm and especially her results."

Sincerely, David